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How to move from Paris to USA


Are you living in Paris? Your expatriation or your retirement will be coming soon and you plan to move in USA to have a better and comfortable life than before, the Berton Group can take in charge your removal from Paris to USA, we can assure you a safe and memorable relocation.

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Removal from Paris to USA : General information

It is common knowledge that the Berton Group is an international remover, member in the group Gentleman of relocation; which has many years of experiences and works only with professional and skillful removers. In fact, we handle a moving around the world especially between Europe and America. Besides, we do not have special clients but we work for everyone who want to have a perfect removal to USA: professional, particular, individual, in-group, family … 

Removal Paris to USA : The accessible transports

We propose 3 variety of transports to accomplish your removal from USA to Paris: by air, by land and by sea. We guarantee that all those transports are safe; no chance for damages, breakages and abuses. All the furniture are well packaged by the remover in the beginning of the removal. We transfer any kind of furniture and vehicles

First, the transport by sea is used to transfer heavy and big furniture and vehicles, .Even if the expedition by boat is slower; we ensure that your articles will still the same at the arrival. The advantages of sea transport is that it is cheaper and safe with the professional remover of Berton Group.

Second, the air transport is for small articles, passengers, their luggage and their pets. This is more expensive but a quick transport service especially for perishable goods, comfortable and easily accessible. 

Finally, we offer a land transport in order to place your goods to your new address in USA. We only use professional truck driven by experimented driver to avoid accidents and troubles. 

As you can see, we totally care your removal to USA from A to Z. You can trust our professional team remover. 

The advantages of hiring professional remover in the Berton Group 

Requiring experimented remover from Berton Group is very advantageous; we can offer you a personalized relocation between Paris and USA. Here are some benefits: 

  • Time saving
  • Energy saving
  • Safety of your furniture 
  • An adjusted transport and a guarantee for the transport
  • Adequate materials for the removing
  • Experimented and motivated team
  • Free quotation and serious contract

In addition, we can offer you our integral service however, if you want only a part of it, we always support you. 

Make your life easy with the Berton Group

Collaborating with the Berton Group totally lighten your removal’s burden. Due to the evolution of the technology, life becomes easier, the same as having access to our main service. Book our service by a simple click in the website, and then choose your removal’s option. Finally, complete the removal’s formula correctly by your own information to get additional facts about your relocation to USA .

For your private or professional move to France, contact a professional moving agency

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